New Semester Brings Change

Roderick O.

Since the semester started Dog Corps has gone through a few changes. Chris B. is the new intern of the Dog Corps program and Ryan C. is a new addition also as a teacher’s assistant. They also acquired a new Dog by the name of Luca. She is a German Shepard that was rescued from Craft Werk. The students spend time rehabilitating her back to full strength while teaching her new things.

This winter season has also brought about new obedience training. This training was focused on keeping the dogs in their crates in preparation for the ugly weather. The crate games teach the dogs self-control. One goal of this training is to make the dogs think that being in the crate is a good thing so they don’t bark as much. “We teach them to want to be in the crate. It’s like getting a treat,” said Ryan C.

Another part of the training is to make the dogs confident in jumping on top of odd objects. When they need to take the dogs out on rescue missions the dogs need to be confident to jump onto ledges to search for people.

Dog Corps does more than train dogs, they also help student come closer together by sharing common ground. The Dog Corps has their own separate dorm and all the students live together with the intern as the dorm leader. “I get to spend time with my friends and I love the animals,” stated Ryan C.

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