The days turn into weeks

It seems like just yesterday daisy and the pups arrived, but as we compare how much the puppies have grown and how good Daisy looks now you realize its been weeks! The puppies have almost doubled in size and are crazy, rambunctious driven little rascals. The Dog Corps. kids are realizing that taking care of a litter of pups isn’t easy when they are hanging off your pant legs!! Daisy has made a wonderful impression on everyone, how can you not love the girl who gave all her love and nutrition to help keep her puppies alive???  Now Daisy has put on some weight, you can no longer see all her bones, and her hair is growing back into a nice plush coat. Soon she will be spayed and ready for adoption into her very own forever home. Won’t you think about Daisy?? Check out Life Long Tails Dogs for adoption You never know your next best friend could be waiting!

Daisy during her first 10 minutes at the Family School

Puppy News

Romeo by Sally H

By Ileana A.

Romeo, Cesar, Leo, and Oreo are now about six weeks old. They are healthy and doing well. The young pups love to run around and wrestle with each other. It’s obvious that they all have their father’s playful personality. Leo especially loves to bite on shoes. Romeo and Cesar love playing tug-of-war with their squeaky toy. And Oreo is just full of energy that just wipes him out completely.

These adorable puppies will not be exposed to many people until they are about 12 weeks old. In the meantime, however, they will be learning how to interact and socialize. They are doing well so far and will continue maturing healthily in the trainers’ experienced hands.